12th Jan '16

Grail Cypher Paperback Printed.

The printed paperback of The Grail Cypher has now been delivered to Adventures Unlimited in the US. And it will be available in all US bookshops towards the end of the month. Get your copy now...

See the Adventured Unlimited website for more details:
The Grail Cypher @ Adventures Unlimited.

24th October '15

New Articles on Climate and Geology.

Ralph has made a detour into geology and climatology over the last couple of months, and the result is two very interesting articles. They have been placed upon the Academia.edu website because they can display the better pdf file format, and they have propelled Ralph into the top 1% of academics by viewer numbers.

*** The Carolina Bays ***
*** and the destruction of North America ***

This is an interesting analysis of the enigmatic Carolina Bays and the recent Younger Dryas ice age era. It is an interesting tale that suggests that nearly all of N America was wiped out 12,900 years ago, in a massive aerial bombardment of 'slushballs'.

Personally, I think the evidence outlined here is all but irrefutable, and so I am surprised that so few people know about the Carolina and Nebraska Bays. This article builds upon the work of Michael Davias and Antonio Zamora, who are cited in the article, and it will hopefully expose this interesting enigma to a much wider audience.

The Carolina Bays and the destruction of North America.

*** Albedo regulation of Ice Ages ***
*** with no CO2 feedbacks ***

Have you ever wondered how Ice Ages are regulated? Well scientists also wonder, because this is still one of astronomy's and climatology's great mysteries. But I have put together a novel and groundbreaking theory that explains all the many facets of Ice Age modulation.

The Ice Age climate is very stable and will stay in that cold mode for thousands of years. But an Ice Age has one obvious and glaring Achillies' heel - albedo or reflectivity. An Ice Age depends on maintaining its high albedo, to reflect sunlight away and keep the Earth cool. But if the albedo is reduced for some reason, then the world will quickly warm and the Ice Age will end. So the primary feedback that assists all Interglacial warming periods is actually reduced albedo, not CO2. In reality, each and every Interglacial period is preceded by 10,000 years of dust storms, which reduce the albedo of the northern ice sheets and allows the Interglacial to begin. So it is dust and albedo that modulate Interglacials, not CO2.

And the dust-storm eras are caused by a surprising culprit - a lack of CO2 killing much of the world's plant-life. So yes, CO2 does cause Interglacial warming, but only by getting so low in concentration that most of the plants die and the world becomes a dust-bowl. It is the wind-blown dust that reduces the albedo of the northern ice sheets, and allows them to warm and melt. So the Green alarmists were right about CO2 being a vital forcing agent in Ice Age modulation - just not in the way they thought:

Ice Age modulation by albedo, without CO2 feedbacks.

Do note that the Great Year mentioned so often in this article, is the same Great Year that modulates the astrological precession of the equinox, that is mentioned so often in my books. So the Great Months not only identify the dominant millennial sign of the zodiac, they also identify the season of the Great Year and therefore the overall climate of that era. So there is a possibility that the Egyptians and Greeks were studying millennial climatology as well as millennial astrology - trying to determine when the next Great Summer or Winter would come.

The Great Summer actually peaked at the conjunction of the age of Leo and Cancer, some 10,000 years ago, and we have been steadily moving through the Great Autumn and into the Great Winter ever since. This is why Holocene temperatures have been reducing since the end of the Younger Dryas cooling and the peak of the Holocene warming between 10,000 and 7,500 years ago. (Yes, the end of the Younger Dryas cooling period was coincident with the presumed era of the building of the Giza pyramids.)


4th September '15

New Book The Grail Cypher.

Ralph's new book has been released. It is called The Grail Cypher and it rewrites much of standard Arthurian history. The back-jacket says (in part):

Are you willing to have your view of Arthurian, British and Christian history challenged? Are you ready to accept the esoteric mysteries and heresies of the Knights Templar? Once we understand that Jesus and Arthur shared a common history, the rest of Arthurian legend starts to fall into place. So join Ralph on an extraordinary tour of Arthurian history, much of which you did not even know existed ...

This revolutionary 600-page book will be released in paperback, with a tablet version to follow. More details can be found on the 'Gospel of King Jesus' and 'Ralph Ellis' Facebook sites.

*** Please see the Books section for further details ***

The Grail Cypher

28th Dec '14

The Ralph Ellis Book Series.

Readers are asking for the order that Ralph Ellis' books should read in. The recommend sequence is:

Old Testament books.
(The Egyptian Exodus Series.)

... Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs,
... Tempest & Exodus.
... Eden in Egypt,
... Solomon, Pharaoh of Egypt,
... Scota, Egyptian Queen of the Scots.

New Testament books.
(The King Jesus Trilogy.)

... Cleopatra to Christ,
... King Jesus,
... Jesus, King of Edessa,
... The Grail Cypher.

And don't forget:
... Mary Magdalene, Princess of Orange.

If your tablet does not support the videos in these books, they are reproduced on this webpage. Just scroll down to view them.

10th August '14

The Yazidi people of Iraq.

The Yazadi of Iraq - the people of Izas-Jesus.

It would appear that the persecuted Yazadi people of Iraq are actually called the Izad people, which is the Parthian spelling of Izas (Izates) - the princes and kings of Edessa.

Incredibly, it would appear that the Yazidi are likely to be the people of King Izas of Edessa - the biblical Jesus.

In terms of their religion, the Yazidi (Izadi) are obviously Sabaean (Star Worshippers), just as the biblical Jesus and the monarchs of Edessa were also Sabaean. (Check out the birth scene for Jesus). The god with seven angels is the Sun with seven planets. While the chief angel, Malak Taus (the Peacock Angel or Peacock King) is quite obviously the Phoenix. The language here is Greco-Aramaic, the same languages as used at Edessa (Malak means angel or king in Aramaic, while Taoos means peacock in Greek). Anyone who has read the latest version of 'Jesus, King of Edessa', will know the importance of the Phoenix to the history of Edessa.

10th February '14

Westcoast Truth Articles, hosted by Russell Scott.

Please do check out the new articles on Westcoast Truth:


Thomas Verenna - a bogus Mormon academic trying to undermine scholarship:
The Thomas Verenna Affair - part 1.
The Thomas Verenna Affair - part 2.

Continued academic attacks by the (mostly) Mormon religious academia:
A Vacuous and Petrified Academia - part 1.
A Vacuous and Petrified Academia - part 2.
A Vacuous and Petrified Academia - part 3.

Is Global Warming happening, or is this the scandal of the century?
The Climate Scandal.
Fictitious Wild Weather

Will Renewable Energy save the Planet? (Written in 2004.)
Renewable Energy, Our Downfall - part 1.
Renewable Energy, Our Downfall - part 2.
Renewable Energy, Our Downfall - part 3.

Why are Western politicians and media, in thrall of Islamic propaganda?
Fabricated Islamic Inventions.
Western Dhimmi Politicians.
(Google pulled all advertising because of this article, effectively destroying the Westcoast Truth site.)

More vacuous academics, who cannot stand the heat:
The Sorry Saga of Lorraine Evans:

Thomas Verenna is a bogus academic who wrote a fantasy review of Jesus, King of Edessa, without even reading the book. The result was a tissue of lies by an academic charlatan, but this so-called review is nevertheless at the top of the Google search league and may be the only thing that potential readers see. So please do help us by browsing and linking into these 'Black Heart' articles, to lift them to the top of the search ratings.

Many thanks to Russell Scott for uploading these articles to a well-visited site.

20th November '13

New Facebook page -- "Gospel of King Jesus"

A new Facebook page has been created, so that developments in these books and discussions on the topics they raise can be easily discussed. Facebook being a much easier medium to amend and update than this website.

So please join us for discussions and more, on the: Gospel of King Jesus Facebook Page.

Many thanks to Christopher Russak for designing and creating this Facebook site.

5th November '13

New New versions of 'Cleopatra to Christ', 'King Jesus', 'Jesus, King of Edessa' and 'Mary Magdalene'.

New eBook editions of Jesus, King of Edessa, King Jesus, Cleopatra to Christ, Mary Magdalene and Eden in Egypt have been uploaded in recent weeks.

The main reason for these amendments was to increase the resolution of the images, and to improve the layout. In addition, all these books have had updates to the content - nothing hugely significant, but many small details have been added to all these books that enhance the arguments and storyline.

Some of these amendments have been added following discussions with 'academia'. For instance, several scholars attempted to disprove the argument that the province of Adiabene was actually the Osrhoene and its capital city of Edessa (as the Syriac historians relate). However, a further review of the Roman records has again supported the argument that Adiabene is Edessa (the Osrhoene). This is a cornerstone of the book 'Jesus, King of Edessa', so it was nice to have this further confirmation that the arguments were based upon solid foundations - and all this extra material is now included in the book.

This long list of amendments now link up the three most recent titles into a strong and unified trilogy, and so readers will find it useful to start at the beginning and follow the journey as it was written. So please do enjoy The Gospel of King Jesus Trilogy:

Cleopatra to Christ --Jesus was the great grandson of Queen Cleopatra. v5.4
King Jesus -- Jesus was King Izas, the leader of the Jewish Revolt. v9.4
Jesus, King of Edessa -- King Izas was a king of Edessa, in northern Syria. v9.7

Mary Magdalene -- Mary Magdalene, the founder of the Franco-Dutch 'House of Orange'. v10.7

15th Mar '13

More critical web-reviews of 'Jesus of Edessa'.

*** update ***
*** there is a further reply to Mr Aaron Adair: here. ***

Ok, the 'Verenna Debate' has moved on once more, and has morphed into the 'Academia debate'.

I am now being challenged by a number of academics in the field of history/theology, and the debate is proving to be both lively and informative. This debate started with a visceral attack on myself by one Thomas Verenna, a self-styled scholar who delights in his own ego and hides behind censorship. Unimpressed by Mr Verenna's fabricated 'review' and childish name-calling from behind his censored web-fortress, I challenged him throughout the blogsphere and the result is this lively debate.**

The first of these debates I would like to highlight is hosted by Mr Daniel McClellan, and my sincere thanks are due to Mr McClellan for engaging fairly in this debate (unlike Mr Verenna, who ran away). There are now two threads on Mr McClellan's site, and both have replies by myself. They are as follows:

McClellan debate 1.
McClellan debate 2.

I will leave it to readers to decide if I have explained and deflected all the criticisms that have been made about my books.


There was another debate on Mr Steve Caruso's site, about claimed epigraphic mistakes in my work. But Mr Caruso's critique proved to be without foundation, and he lost the argument. Presumably out of frustration, Mr Caruso then deleted the entire debate, so nobody could see that he lost. The censored discussion is here:

Caruso debate.

However, I did make a copy of the discussion and I have uploaded all the postings that Mr Caruso's has deleted onto my website. Again, readers can decide for themselves who won this debate, and question once more why academics hide behind censorship.

However, not satisfied with censoring material on his own site, Mr Caruso has now placed a copyright order to censor material on my site too. Now isn't that a surprise - another academic indulging in censorship. So now we have the two web pages:

The censored Caruso debate on Edfu Books site.
The revised Caruso debate on Edfu Books site.


And finally, we have another debate on the Aaron Adair website. There are no less than three postings by Mr Adair, where he proceeded to dig himself ever deeper into the mire. The links are here:

Adair debate 1.
Adair debate 2.
Adair debate 3.

The lack of education and understanding displayed by Mr Adair in his postings is quite astounding. Among the dozens of hopeless errors he made in his criticism of my work, are the following:

He did not know that Egyptian language does not display vowels.
He did not know that the word Saba included a 'kite' aleph glyph - turning 'sab' into 'saba'.
He did not know that an 'aleph' is not a vowel.
He did not know that the goddesses Ast (Isis), Astoreth, Ishtar, Aphrodite and Venus were linked.
He did not know that Ast (Isis) and Venus were the same goddess.
He did not know that the name Esther came from the Persian and referred to a star.

Perhaps more importantly:
He did not know that Christianity was based upon a religion created by Saul, rather than Jesus.
He did not know that Christianity was based upon a religion created by Saul, rather than Peter.
He did not know that Saul and Jesus were adversaries.
He did not know that Saul challenged Peter in Antioch, for not eating with Gentiles.
(If you don't know this, then how can you critique a book on the New Testament?)
He did not know that a Jewish boy becomes a man at the age of 12 or 13, at his barmitsvah.
He did not know that Edessa was called Antioch.
He did not know that Herod the Great had some dominion over Edessa.
He did not know that the Romans sometimes pampered their captives, instead of executing them.
He did not know that Jesus 'came back to life'.
He did not know any of the many links between the goddess Ast or Est (Isis) and Easter.
He did not know that the Egyptians referred to the heavens as a 'sea'.
He did not know why Jesus was called a 'tekton'.
He did not know why Saul was called a 'tent maker' (he thought Saul really made tents !!)

But the really amazing thing is that despite this great catalogue of basic errors and misunderstandings, a number of scholars still write little notes saying "well done Aaron", "Excellent work", and then add that I am a "embittered and unpleasant person" for patiently explaining that Mr Adair is greatly mistaken in his so-called 'review' of my work.

However, despite the great acclaim for Mr Adair's analysis of my work and the so-called rebuttals of my explanations, Mr Adair has once again banned me from his site and thus hidden himself behind censorship. What is it with these so-called academics, that when they start losing the debate they hide behind the sort of censorship that Stalin would be proud of? I know that most academics are socialist/communist to the core, but are they all Stalinist too? Is academia a hotbed of disinformation and propaganda instead of intellect and excellence? Anyway, my third reply to Mr Adair will eventually be posted on my site, at the following link:

First Adair debate on Edfu Books site.
Second Adair debate on Edfu Books site.

To be honest, I am beginning to wonder how far modern scholarship has descended into the Dark Age gutter. I freely admit that I am not a professor, and many a true professor has a tremendous understanding of the minutiae of linguistics and history, but the majority seem unable to see the wood for the trees. They see the twigs and leaves in fine detail, but fail to see the wider forest. I was expecting difficult questions, perhaps even the revealing of a few gaps in my knowledge, but all I got was the ramblings of the naive, the unworldly and in the latter case, the ignorant. I can tell you, I am mightily disappointed.

Perhaps you the reader can give me your opinions on this. Has the combined forces of academia disproved my basic thesis - or has academia been thwacked over the boundary fence by the bat of logic, rationality and worldly common sense?

Ralph Ellis

** There may be more to come on this Verenna affair. This bizarre narcissist character with a yellow streak, claims to be a scholar of some repute affiliated with some named educational establishments. And yet when I contacted those establishments to see if I could get an email address, they said they knew of no such person at their establishment - neither as a student nor as an academic.

18th Feb '13

Jesus, King of Edessa. World release 8th Mar 2013.

Edfu Books presents "Jesus, King of Edessa", perhaps the most revolutionary religious book ever written. This is the book that the Catholic Church has been dreading for the last 1700 years. This is the book that will place Jesus back into the historical record. We now know who Jesus was, where he lived, and who his family were. Readers can now visit his city, see the ruins of his citadel, gaze upon his statue, and handle his coins. Jesus was indeed an influential 'King of the Jews', a prince with a small realm, a large treasury, and even bigger ambitions.

The biblical story remains substantially the same, of course, it is only the status of the people and the date for these events that have radically changed. In reality, Jesus was a son of King Abgarus of Edessa - but the wise prince of Edessa came up against an intractable Rome and his many plans crumbled to dust. And why, you have to asks yourself, have you never heard of King Abgar, nor Edessa? The answer is that the historical truth conflicted with the new biblical fairytale being crafted by Saul-Josephus, and so this quicksilver-quilled charlatan changed the name of these monarchs in order to cover up the events that comprise the biblical story. King Abgar became King Monobazus in the history of Judaea, while his son was renamed as Izas (the biblical Jesus)

This means that the history of Jesus that was uncovered in the book 'King Jesus' remains exactly the same. The only problem with 'King Jesus' was that the characters uncovered there were literary phantoms from the not entirely trustworthy quicksilver-quill of Saul-Josephus. However, this new book at last places those phantoms of history into a real historical context. Suddenly, they become real people, with a real kingdom, and real hopes and aspirations that are fascinating to explore.

One other major result of this investigation is that we now know exactly what Jesus looked like, because we have contemporary coins and a contemporary statue of Jesus. Thus the jacket image to this radical new book shows Jesus wearing his Crown of Thorns, the ceremonial crown of the Edessan monarchy. Thus the account of the crucifixion was not a mockery of a humble artisan, with a crown crafted from brambles, it was a mockery of an Edessan prince who wore a very strange-looking ceremonial crown, complete with thorns. And this crown is central to the true biblical story, for it is symbolic of the legendary Scottish Stone of Scone.

This is the final book in a trilogy, and so I suggest that readers start with 'Cleopatra to Christ' and then 'King Jesus'. The wait before arriving at the last episode in the trilogy will be worthwhile, for if a book could be valued on its 'eureka moments' then this final book would be priceless.

Jesus, depicted wearing his 'Crown of Thorns'

The book will be launched in the press on March 8th, and will be available in tablet and paperback format. For platforms like Nook and Kindle that will not play the videos, they are reproduced here.

Enya Video - Emmanuel. The key to the historical Jesus.

Dr Sebasian Brock, former Reader in Syriac Studies at Oxford University's Oriental Institute.

Finally, a quick observation about the ebooks - not all ebooks are the same.

All the books are on iBooks, Nook and Kindle, yet the Apple versions are by far the best (even though they are based on the same files).

The Apple version allows different size fonts, so readers can differentiate between text and quotes. It does not put white spaces around the images (when working with the sepia background). It allows the references to have hyperlinks, plus a 'return to last position' option, which is very handy. More importantly, perhaps, it allows video clips, which Nook and Kindle do not.

In short, although the iPad allows Kindle books to be read, the Apple iBook version is by far the better of the two.

Paperback version:
Paperback copies will also be available from Adventures Unlimited.

28th Sept '11

Mary Magdalene, delay.


The video clips in this book are fully supported by Apple iBooks, but Kindle, Nook, Google, and Kobo do not yet support videos.

For Kindle and other users who are unable to the view the video clips, here are the videos on Youtube.

Video 1 - Oranje.


Video 2, Submission.


Video 3, Hide the Decline.


Video 4, Act on CO2.


Video 5, Exploding children.


Video 6, Obama.


Video 8, Saudi TV.

Please note that the colour pictures, moving images, and video clips that are in this book are not supported by Kindle. Only the iPad version will (eventually) reproduce these.

01st Aug '11
The Egyptian Testament Series of books.

We have had many enquiries about the order in which these many books should be read. Well that depends on whether the reader is more interested in the Old or New Testament accounts, and so we hope the following lists will help readers in making their purchases.

Old Testament:
Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs,
Eden in Egypt,
Tempest & Exodus,
Solomon, Pharaoh of Egypt.

New Testament:
Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs,
Cleopatra to Christ,
King Jesus,
Mary Magdalene, Princess of Orange.

27th Jul '11
New Book: - "Mary Magdalene, Princess of Provence and the House of Orange".

At long last, the sequel to "King Jesus" has arrived; a book that traces the history of Mary Magdalene. Like Ralph's other books, this is not a simple rewrite of previous books about Rennes le Chateau. No, this book branches out on a different limb entirely, and traces the evidence for Mary Magdalene in the once proud city of Orange. Release date, 1st August. The publicity info is as follows:

Eden In Egypt - cover image

"Did Mary Magdalene travel to Provence, in France? Ralph Ellis follows the trail of mythology and reveals circumstantial evidence to suggest that she did, and that her presence there has left its mark on the region. Ralph also suggests that the legacy of Mary Magdalene was bequeathed to the town of Orange, the town that was central to the Royal Dutch House of Orange, and thus central to the entire Reformation and Enlightenment movement of the 17th century.

The book goes on to explore the Orange Enlightenment and the Age of Reason, the twin religious reforms that created the modern technical world that we live in today. But these freedoms are now threatened by forces of darkness that seek to extinguish all the gains of the Enlightenment. Ralph gives us his personal opinion about the perils that the world faces today, perils that all supporters of reason, freedom, technology and secularism need to face up to."

And this will indeed be a challenging book in the light of current political correctness, and also in the light of recent events. But it should be noted that this book was created over the last two years, and was finished in May of this year (formatting and epubbing has taken rather longer than usual publishing).

Available on Kindle and iPad. Only iPad gives colour images and all the benefits of the pub format, including embedded videos.

13th Mar '11
Electronic Editions of Ralph's books

All Ralph's books are now available on Kindle, iPad and Lulu digital book store.
Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

The advantage of digital books is that they are cheaper to purchase and can be updated much more easily, than an edition of physical books sitting in storage. The books on Kindle and iPad are therefore the newly updated 2011 editions containing a great deal of new information.

It has to be said that digitisation was achieved at great expense, both in time and money, because the epub format chosen by these tablet devices is hopelessly inadequate for complex books. Epub will not display different fonts, hieroglyphs and handles tables and pictures very poorly (each Greek, Hebrew and Egyptian font had to be made into a small 'picture', and placed back into the text). In addition, the epub format has to be created by an outside agency, as it is quite complex, and so in-house standards are inevitably lost in the process.

Needless to say, the epub format books are inferior in many ways to the pdf books on Lulu. However, the pdf format is poorly supported by both Kindle and Apple, and lags behind in reader features. It looks like we shall have to live with epub, but we apologise in advance for the poor formatting of some pages that this format delivers.

Perhaps readers would like to contact Amazon and Apple and ask that full reader features and sales effort is given to the pdf format, so that we can regain full control of the publishing process and restore the professional page format that complex books deserve.

13th Feb '08
King Jesus & Queen Mary Magdalene

Professor Robert Eisenman recently wrote a turgid but comprehensive analysis of the New Testament called The New Testament Code. (Why does a scholarly book need to cash in on The Da Vinci Code's title?) Anyway, one of his key issues that Eisenman discusses is that the Dead Sea Scrolls must be related to both the Jewish Revolt and to the revolutionary sect of the biblical Jesus and his disciples.

This, however, results in an obvious conclusion that Eisenman fails to address. It would appear that the revolutionary mission of Jesus was concerned with the Jewish Revolt of AD 67, a date that is at odds with the classical chronology of the gospels. However, if we take this lead and run with it, a host of other connections miraculously appear, and the biblical Jesus begins to emerge from the mists of mythology and to coalesce as a real character from Judaean history.

Jesus was not a pauper but a king - a king without a throne. In trying to establish his kingdom Jesus triggered the Jewish Revolt, but far from being a successful enterprise this rebellion resulted in defeat and exile at the hands of Emperor Vespasian. Thus Jesus was exiled to England, where this warrior-king of Judaea became known as King Arthur.

This may seem like a fanciful tale, but this is what the original texts appear to say. So here is an entirely new vista, where Jesus and Mary metamorphose into the King and Queen of Judaea. See the 'books' section for further details on the new book that this research has inspired - 'King Jesus'.

Only one problem remains in this radical reassessment of biblical history - are you open-minded enough to entertain such a possibility?

18th Dec '06
Last Supper & Mary Magdalene

Following the best-selling book 'The Da Vinci Code', there has been much discussion as to whether the Last Supper scene painted by Leonardo da Vinci contains an image of Mary Magdalene. But Leonardo's painting is not the only Last Supper scene to include a woman on the right-hand side of Jesus, and if one looks around you will find that this imagery is actually quite common. A good example of this unorthodox genre is the marble sculpture on the altar of St Peter's, the 19th century Catholic cathedral in Drogheda, Eire. So what does this image portray? A man or a woman?

Take a close look at the neat hairstyle, the feminine features, the smooth chin, the hint of a bosom and the tender hand on Jesus' arm. So - is this a man or a woman? Remember that this sculpture lies within a Catholic cathedral and so an answer of 'woman' suggests that senior figures in the Catholic priesthood have deliberately produced a heretical image - so are there secrets within the Church still to be discovered?

16th May '06
New Book(s) - Cleopatra to Christ & Scota, Egyptian Queen of the Scots

Inspiration can be a strange beast at times, you never know where and when it will hit you. There I was, reading the Daily Rant, and an article entitled 'the worst books in history' drew my eye - for there was a title listed that said Jesus was the son of Cleopatra. Having purchased a copy I could see what the reviewer meant, for the book stretched biology and history to its absolute limits (Cleopatra would have been in her 60s when Jesus was born). However, within this bizarre tale was the seed-corn of a new adventure, for the possibility of a link between Cleopatra and Jesus looked very attractive to me.

I have long championed the idea that Jesus was of royal Egyptian blood, but I had been unable to find any evidence of this. However, the evidence was there and it demonstrates that Jesus was of royal Egyptian and royal Persian blood. It was for this reason that the Persian Magi attended his birth, and it was for this reason that he was taken to Egypt for his safety (and his education). But this is not all, for this new secular slant on Jesus' ancestry demonstrates that his power base was not simply spiritual. Far from being an lowly artisan and a hermit, Jesus was a prince who controlled a substantial army that was powerful enough to threaten the Persians (Parthians), Judaean and the Romans too. Indeed, the 'Kingdom of Heaven' was also more secular than spiritual, as it resided in modern Jordan and Syria.

While I was researching this strange tale I was also reading a book on the Scottish chronicles. But this book was heavy on padding and extremely thin on interesting new data. What I needed was the facts, and so I went in search of the legendary Queen Scota. The subsequent journey took me from Egypt, to Crete, to Spain, to Majorca and then on to Ireland - and only then did the resulting story start to make sense. Unlike the standard history of these regions, it would appear that ther are many similarities between the Egyptian, Minoan, Iberian (Spanish) and Hibernian (Irish) people and the artifacts that they manufactured and constructed. In fact, there are so many similarities that we need to find a conduit through which these ideas, techniques and rituals flowed. Evidence for that conduit has been preserved for us in the Scottish chronicles, and the tales of a perilous journey by a royal couple who were exiled from Egypt. Indeed, a royal mummy may still be preserved in Ireland!

However, these two books gave me a distinct publishing problem, for the cost (both for the reader and for the publisher) are inordinately high. The answer was to place these two books back to back, and presto - double the mystery for half the cost. Join me on a thrilling adventure that never ceases to amaze. There are new facts to absorb, new ideas to dwell upon, and an 'ahhaa' moment on every other page. If you liked the titles 'Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs' or 'Solomon, Falcon of Sheba', then you are in for a surprise - for 'Cleopatra & Scota' surpasses both of these.

As an aside, the book 'Solomon, Falcon of Sheba' will shortly be changing its title to 'Solomon, Pharaoh of Egypt'. Titles are very important in sales, and this new title better reflects the import of the book. So don't be confused when you see the new title being advertised.

See the Books section for further details of Cleopatra to Christ & Scota, Egyptian Queen of the Scots.

Sept 24th '04
New Book - Eden in Egypt

The years 2003 and 2004 have probably not been my best, as I was struck by a domestic crisis. But out of this adversity came some unexpected free time and creative thought. Since I had already discovered that the latter history of the Israelite United Monarchy was most definitely based upon the history of the Lower Egyptian monarchy, I began to idly wonder about the early sections of Genesis.

One of the first things I noticed was that between James Hoch, Wallis Budge and myself, there were some 500 words that were identical in both Egyptian and Hebrew. Hoch maintains that these were 'Hebrew loan words in Egyptian', but that struck me as being peculiar because Egypt was the dominant power here, not Israel. In addition, some of these similar words included ordinal numbers. Are we to believe that Egypt changed its numbering system because a few nomadic Israelite shepherds turned up on its doorstep? Far more likely is the scenario that the Israelites (Hyksos) used and took with them the Egyptian language, and that this formed the basis of Hebrew as we know it.

This discovery rather transformed the Book of Genesis, as it was now possible to read the same text in the Egyptian language. While the general thrust of the Genesis story remained the same, the new detail this technique provided demonstrated that most of this text was based upon the Hymn to the Aten, and that Adam and Eve must have been Akhenaton and Nefertiti.

Eden In Egypt - cover image

Sept 5th '04
King David was Pharaoh Pa-seba-kha-en-nuit

In the book 'Solomon', I casually mentioned that the biblical character called Shebaniah may well have been a pseudonym for King David. At the time this was just a supposition, but it turned out that I was correct. The biblical scribes probably felt fairly safe in occasionally using King David's full name, because the solution to their cryptology can only be found within the Egyptian language. The two names are as follows:

Pa seba kha en nuit
Sheb an niah

Looking at the Hebrew name in the above table, it can be seen that the Egyptian words that have been picked out by this name are 'seba', 'en', and 'niah'. What these words spell out, of course, is a name that means something like ‘Star and City’, which, as everybody knows, just happen to be the two primary symbols for King David. This not only shows that Shebaniah was an alternative name for King David, it also demonstrates that this name was most definitely Egyptian and most probably based upon the birth name of Pa-seba-kha-en-nuit (Psusennes II). Thus King David must have been Psusennes II.

Feb 24th '03
EDFU Website Re-launched

The EDFU website gets a facelift! Hope you like the new look...

There is a brand new article in the Articles section of this website entitled "The tombs of King David, King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba discovered" to kick off the new site. It is an introduction to my latest book, Solomon, Falcon of Sheba. Click here to go straight to the article.

Dec 1st '02
Another New Book

Ralph has at last finished the text of another truly astounding new book:

Solomon, Falcon of Sheba:

This new book investigates the United Monarchy of King David and King Solomon, and demonstrates that these two illustrious monarchs were, in fact, pharaohs of Egypt. The storyline within Ralph's trilogy of religious works is now becoming clear, the Judaic people were undoubtedly the Hyksos tribes from Lower Egypt, but the twist in this new epic, is that the Hyksos held onto lands in the Nile Delta even after the Israelite-Hyksos exodus from Egypt. These lands in the Delta eventually spawned the twenty-first dynasty of pharaohs, who rose to power in the tenth century BC in their capital city of Tanis. It so happens that the Tanis pharaohs were identical in every respect to the Judaic United Monarchy of King David and King Solomon. This is why these two monarchs were so powerful and famous, there were actually Egypto-Judaic monarchs whose kingdom stretched from Karnak to Jerusalem.

See the Books section for further details of all this exciting new project...

April 16th '01
New Books

Ralph has published two extremely interesting new books:

Tempest & Exodus:

Reveals the true Egyptian origins of the Judaic faiths. An account of the biblical exodus has been located on an Egyptian stele and this gives the clue to the true route of the exodus and the location of Mt. Sinai. This identification has profound consequences for the Judaic religions, as the mountain is located next to a number of Egyptian temples and remains.

Quest of the Gods:

The Great Pyramid of the Himalaya and the location of the legendary 'Hall of Records' revealed. Join the author in the footsteps of Alexander the Great, on a great adventure into the heart of the Himalaya.

Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs and Thoth, Architect of the Universe:

Both of these titles have been revised and both contain a great deal of new and fascinating information. Both books are now due out in paperback and the publication date for all four books is August-September.

See the Books section for further details of all these exciting new projects...

Mar 1st '01
Crook and Flail

Ralph and Mark are just putting the finishing touches to another radial new article on the rites and symbolism of the pharaohs. Have you ever wondered what the crook and the flail, crossed over the chest of the pharaoh, meant to the people of that era? These two symbols endured in Egypt for thousands of years and were the most prominent symbols of royal office, both in life and in death. Yet for all their notoriety, their purpose has been forgotten; we do not really know what they were supposed to represent.

At last there is a good candidate and surprisingly the information was not to be found in the great temple of Karnak, but in the Bible. The crook and the flail were the biblical Urim and Thummim. Look out for more details coming shortly.

Feb 11th '01

The article by Mark Foster and myself on Mamun's forced tunnel in the Great Pyramid, has now been published in both America and Italy (Atlantis Rising and Hera magazines). It has brought positive comment from many quarters across the globe and it has clearly demonstrated that there are still new and demonstrably more logical ways at looking at these ancient structures.

For decades the orthodox world had been content with their poorly thought out 'history' of the first opening of the upper chambers inside the Great pyramid. It took a five minute knockabout discussion between myself and Mark Foster to overturn every aspect of that history and to provide instead a far more believable scenario. See the Articles section above for more details. See also Mark Foster's Rostau website for both text and pictures.

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