"Jesus, King of Edessa"
by Ralph Ellis

This is a fascinating introduction to the new book Jesus, King of Edessa. Explore the life of the real historic Jesus. Click here to see: Jesus of Edessa

"The Tombs of King David, King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba Discovered"
by Ralph Ellis

This is an introduction to the book, Solomon, Pharaoh of Egypt. Click here to see: Sheba

"Tunnel Vision"
by Ralph Ellis & Mark Foster

This intriguing article explains the real reasons for Caiph al Ma' mun's strange forced tunnel into the Khufu pyramid. Click here to see: Mamun

"Pyramid Repairs"
by Ralph Ellis

This is a recent article contemplating the ancient repairs that have been carried out to the Bent (Vega) Pyramid. When and by whom were these repairs carried out and what can this tell us of this pyramid's history. Click here to see: Repairs

"Gilgamesh the Hunter"
by Ralph Ellis

In this article Ralph rediscovers the lost traditions of this ancient Sumerian epic. Exactly to what and whom was the ancient scribe refering when he wrote of the great deeds of Gilgamesh. Click here to see the true history of: Gilgamesh

"Abraham, Pharaoh of Egypt"
by Ralph Ellis

This is an amazing tale of the history of the biblical patriarchs, they were nothing less than pharaohs of Egypt. Click here to see: